summer seating

Do people still sit out on screened in porches in the summer? I'm not sure they even add those anymore when building homes. At least not around here. When I was growing up, in the summer evenings, you could take the dog for a walk on a hot night and walk past homes with big screened in porches and see folks reading the paper under the glow of a lamp. What happened to that? If I were to build a house I'd definitely want either a big front porch and/or a screened in one. A place, to sit in the evenings, no t.v. only the sound of the cicadas and crickets (maybe a transistor radio tuned to the ball game because - I have this weird aural memory that I can't shake ) . In the mean time, I've been gathering summer seating photos over on my Pinterest board - and if you don't have you don't know Pinterest, go check it out. I think you'll love it:


Karena said…
I always loved screened in porches!! They were so nice in the evening, the same with a large wrap around porch! I remember those times as well Megan!!

Art by Karena
freefalling said…
I have a similar aural memory - except around these parts, it's listening to the day/night cricket matches - takes me straight to high summer.
Marissa Caney said…
Love this post, Megan! My parents have a front porch, and spending time out there on a summer morning enjoying coffee and reading the newspaper all together is one of my fondest memories.
Julie said…
Great pictures- reminds me of my parents' porch. Ours is still very much a work in progress.. One of these days I'll get around to hunting up some cute chairs.

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