This week on The Skirted Round Table:: Bravo's Million Dollar Decorators

Have you been watching this show? I'm loving it. It's really fun to see a reality show with people I actually know.  For me it really puts the 'reality' aspect into the realm of 'entertainment'. A few years ago, a reality show was filmed in a house down the street. I used to see the all of the security gaurds out front, the wardrobe trucks, craft services; It really put it into perspective. One day, in May, I remember seeing through the window the Super Bowl on their big screen, realizing that they were doing pick-up shots. Contrived and edited so we the viewers will be entertained.

I'm completely entertained with Bravo's newest design show. I think the story lines are a hoot but there is certainly a level reality, woven through it all. Anyway, more opinions over at the podcast. Come have a listen, I want to know what you think...... The Skirted Round Table.

** You also might want to go back and listen to our interview with Kathryn who was filming at the time. It took us several tries to pin her down as filming was going long often. She mentioned the whole experience was exhausting and a full time job practically. here's a link to that interview. the link to that show is right--here


Cheryl said…
LOVE this new show!!!! Such fun!!!
katiedid said…
It's my new "have to see" show! I love how the $$ involved are so off the charts compared to shows on HGTV. It is fun to see what is spent to get the interiors by these designers that end up in the national magazines. It almost makes me wonder if the show is done in response to the unrealistic budgets ($1000 to redo a whole living room!) and time frames( 3 days to remodel a bathroom or kitchen!) we see on HGTV shows. And then we get such fantastic personalities that just make me smile! (I love chocolate to distraction too!) "Bravo", Bravo!

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