beach reading


I have no problem hauling down my glossy beautiful interior books to the beach. There's not a more perfect day at the beach  for me, than sitting under my umbrella, kids laughter, seagulls, waves crashing as my soundtrack and flipping through page after page of inspirational imagery.


I recently brought with me, British designer, Kelly Hoppen's, 'Interiors' book and was really impressed with the photos as well as the written content. This book is especially useful for anyone considering a redesign for their home. Hoppen has gone through all aspects of redesign giving helpful hints and solutions for hip and comfortable interiors.


The underlying message that Hoppen strives to impart is that one should, " Never underestimate the power of balance and harmony because once this is deeply rooted in the very foundations of your mind and your home, anything and everything is possible. "

And my favorite quote, "Organics shake things up simply by being what they are, giving a space integrity and intrigue" Couldn't agree more with this quote. Whether your using a vintage piece or something from nature, the organic component adds room and life to the space.

check out more on Hoppen's book over at the fabulous,  Rizzoli.


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