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In the vein of Thonet, Korean designer DoHoon Kim explores the dynamic of bending wood, with the use of steam to create these, lyrically lined bentwood chairs.

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What's incredible to me, that makes it art, is the emotion these pieces evoke. Each one is poetry or music. The lines become almost like those of an interpretive dancer. Try to find that at Pottery Barn.


"typically the bentwood technique is executed through the use of moulds,
however kim's method creates curves naturally through the wood's flexibility and elasticity.
his practice begins by cutting ash wood into thin slices, bending them while they are
layered and clamped without any moulds - thus allowing him to create curves freely and naturally.
if one looks closely, they can see that the curves twist slightly in order to connect to each other.
another detail is that the bent backrest has the seam width as the legs in order to maintain
a sense of unity within the chair's construction." via design boom


Anonymous said…
Where can you buy this? TIA.
Whitney said…
Stunning! Waht restraint and fluidity in these. Cheers, Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home

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