fish monger

 monger [ˈmʌŋgə]
A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable.

We've been eating a lot of fish around here, a huge feat for me because, I have this strong aversion (phobia)  to the creature. I don't want it near me, touching me, much less in my mouth. ( When I'm in the ocean, I  never look down ) If I were on 'Fear Factor' the losing dare, would be getting into a vat of slippery, flipping fish. I'd eat a hissing Madagascar roach before doing that.

But things have turned around due to friends who regularly go out on the sea and catch Sea Bass and Halibut, generously dropping by vacuumed sealed, overage for our freezer. We now do a weekly, Fish Taco Tuesday. And I'm feeling mighty.

That having nothing to do with anything, I stumbled on to artist, Jesse Harris' website with this fantastic,  packaging design and innovative branding of... fish. It's beautiful, simple and graphic. I like how he/she (?) uses a brown butcher paper  and graphics that look stamped (reminds me of that art project using inked fish as a stamp) Way to take something undesirable and brand the hell out of it.


Erik Perez said…
Wow... I don't like fish either, but I'd buy it just for the packaging. I just realized that I sometimes am a "monger"
Silver Magpies said…
Wow, that is a lesson in first class branding. Utterly brilliant.

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