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If you know me personally, you know that I probably over do it on the arm candy. Vintage bangles and chains, layer on top of embroidery thread bracelets made at summer camp, layer on top of a huge watch - more is more these days. Actually, from the red in my hair to my shoe/bag inventory, that credo  pretty much sums me up.  I particularly like these nautical summery, beachy arm wraps and can see throwing them on to  the pile { feeling a DIY project coming on, however } ::here::


Briel said…
Cute! I love the fourth bracelet but can't find it on the website.
This striped look, I like true T&C Chic
cecilia said…
Megan, I agree with you on the arm candy. I love these! What a great idea, and just in time for me (I need some great gift ideas!). I may have to get one or two for myself too!

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