Day one, happy to be new members of, High Line Park. They need West coast support to help get the 3rd section passed and built. It's easy to do go here

weird. these are actually blue and green.
dude's doing great on a hot summer day.

loving these marble stools in the Standard's lobby. The leather pads are a beautiful color. I'd wear this if it were a ring.

Penny Tile. Literally. On the floor of the Standard's restaurant.

the historic and haunting, Chelsea


farmer's market, union square

my urban cammo. look.

where's waldo?

corner rooms rock.

best beet salad, Lucky Strike in SoHo

hate that my flash went off, but love these boxes. I think I have an old wine box that I may rig on to Nick's bike.

hot n' steamy walk over the bridge. Liking the plaid against the wires.

Elaine, owner of the adorable and creative paper doll pop up in dumbo, called Dumbelle-pretty smart. Check out her website it's so cute. And my girls are loving their paperdolls.

cheese plate at Dram in Williamsburg.

running through the streets of the lower west side- I forgot how hot and sticky summer can be.

As industrial as this photo of Ground Zero appears, it was very moving to be there on the 4th of July.

boat ride on the hudson to see the fireworks.

gorgeous richard meier, perry street apt buildings.

this is why I run, even on vacay. too much good food to be had.

..........home again home again, jiggity jig.


We were in a lot of the same places! I had the rhubarb flavor on the highline -yum! and you were in Williamsburg -our hood! So glad you had a fun weekend -the weather was fantastic, huh?
72 and sunny said…
I wish I had rmbrd that you were in Wlmsburg (or billsburg as my friend calls it) we sort of stumbled around and ended up at Traif-which was delish.

The weather WAS great but hot and sticky. I'm so spoiled with our weather here.
cotedetexas said…
megan - wow, your pictures are fabulous, like a professional photographer and i'm not just blowing smoke up your ass. i swear, there are some really unreal shots. i had no idea. whoa. you should change professions.
I have just finished reading "Just Kids" by Patti Smith about her relationship with Robert Mapplethorpe both growing into each their own creative genius, while surrounded by the Andy Warhols of the art world of NYC.

Seems you took me on another mini visual trip there.
Thanks.... and Cheers!
72 and sunny said…
gosh jon' thanks! all were taken with my phone.
benson said…
damn got hot legs:)
Showed husband (general contractor) the penny tile saying "how witty and chances are less expensive than real penny tile..." and he immediately goes into "how many pennies does it take to create a square foot and how long does it takes to get it in set square and there must be a glaze on top..." geesh...enjoy the pics husband.
Looks like a great trip!
Thanks for the tour, Megan. I'm heading to the States for my first trip ever in September to celebrate my big O. NYC is first stop and I've been devouring every article I can on things to do and places to see. So you've just added to my very long list. I hope 6 days will be enough!

Jennifer xx
court. said…
you covered a lot of ground! I've barely covered all of that and I moved to nyc two months ago! great pics
Unknown said…
Love the pics. The bridge shot and the vegetables were amazing.
72 and sunny said…
benson, I'm terrible with compliments so I'll just leave it at 'thank you'.

ok, your husband is so right. I hadn't thought of it that way either! typical of me to worry about cost later. it's so darn clever!

Court, man. we did cover a ton of ground. on Tuesday we went out for a run and ended up walking from the meatpa. dist. to central park and THEN running for 45 minutes. Had to stop in the Sony store on Madison Ave. to watch the stupid Casey Anthony verdict.

Carla, thanks! loved those veggies. total vegan porn.
Mrs. Blandings said…
Patricularly grateful for the shot of the lion. Looks like an amazing trip.
Allison said…
I love, love, LOVE the High Line!! Such an amazing place to walk and people watch...
Anonymous said…
Wow! Really loving this post. You hit all the best spots in so little time. Great photo of you with the mural too. Looks like the perfect 4th of July weekend.
cecilia said…
Very cool way to share your trip! Love your orange laces, the graffiti photo, and the Bowery bicycle boxes!
What a great tour of your vacay! Such perfectly captured photos! Love me some NYC...

I love your New York pics. So glad you hit so many Brooklyn spots, too. On our NYC weekends, it's one of our favorite places!

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