This Week on The Skirted Round Table:: Designer and Author, James Swan

You've followed his page on The Book of Face (or if you don't - I suggest you do) You've chuckled along with his musings and photos, now designer and author James Swan brings his humor laced advice posts to print in his new book, '101 things I hate about your house'. But don't let the title deter you, this is a friendly manual full of great design advice for oft overlooked no-nos by home owners who yearn to make their house a place of pride.

It helps you see the Tree For the Woods.. Gives you a fresh pair of eyes, designer style. Sort of like having your friend who's a talented designer go through your house systematically, starting at the front door, telling you what needs to go, be addressed or rearranged.

This week we sit down with James Swan and flip through his new book. Please join us and learn what little faux pas your house has going on. In the mean time, I'll be painting my front door and replacing the door mat this weekend....


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Anonymous said…
Listened to you over at Skirted Roundtable and I too dream of a dining room. I was wondering how or if you've solved this in your house. I was thinking of and old gateleg table but what do do with the chairs? I love when you do posts on smaller spaces -- like Alison's Beach House Goodbye. It gives me hope for my small space. Thanks for all your great info.


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