From the folks who brought you The Surf Lodge comes another great place to stay while in Montauk Ruschmeyer's.  Check it out, so cute.....

my favorite shot. Love the bag, the orange espresso machine. all of it.

Ruschmeyer's from King and Grove on Vimeo.  

"Evoking memories of summer camp, the nineteen rooms circle a central lawn featuring a teepee and grills, while a sand-filled pool serves as an open-air beer garden." A teepee? I love a good teepee.


so sad i missed this while in montauk last weekend!
katie said…
yes to it all!
nothing like camping with farm to fresh food, espresso and linens with thread count higher than my bug bites.
this has definitely been on my list.
wish they'd host some sort of conference or fancy-nancy convention here for wanna-be's like me.
This place looks like Summer Camp Heaven. My favorite shot is the ping pong table surrounded by grass umbrellas and picnic tables. Love it!
A Mungo said…
what a lovely place to go on summer camp, frech air, great food and nice people, lovely Architects in london
cotedetexas said…
so ccute!!! i would love to stay here if i ever went anywhere.
Cynthia said…
This looks fabulous...not sure where Montauk is but I am off to google it.
style-for-style said…
oh summer camp, how I love thee

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