bruised indigo

moody violets & dusty blues always remind me of October. 

[ all photos via :: pintrest ]


Erik Perez said…
If you see any (reasonably priced) throw pillows in this moody violet, let me know. I've been looking for a year and can't find anything :(

These are definitely my tones!
the sandin said…
Absolutely gorgeous post,the colors that are both the best of harvest and decay. Thank you from the land of light dimming quickly.
Wow... Megan!! What a beautiful palette!! Love it, love it! Amazing images! I am sharing this post in my Facebook Page now. The colors just so match with the colors of New York City in this moment! Deep...
The tones of these colors are beautiful. Purple is my favorite color and if I could find glass knobs like the one in your picture, I'd buy several. I just changed out the sea foam green towels for royal purple in my bath in lieu of Fall today. Thanks for a gorgeous view first thing this morning.
Miko said…
It's so beautiful!
I love all colors, but my mother's favorite color was purple.
Thank you for your post!

Treadgold said…
That crystal doorknob is to die for, such a moody, romantic colour just gorgeous.
What a lovely collection of images.
PS: I am so sorry we missed each other when you were in B'More for a visit. Next time, I hope! Philippa xxxx

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