guh! I'm going through photos of bathrooms for a job I'm working on. Isn't this one beautiful? I think the mirrors are key to the whole design though. The subways are great especially against those bowls, but the mirrors really make it. Don't you think? Wonder what they did with the floor.


Monica said…
Those mirrors are fabulous! While I like the look of those sinks, I always find them to be unpractical, especially for my 5' nothing stature :)
I gasped when I saw those mirrors. They are STUNNING! I am assuming they are vintage but I want them so bad!

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
Anonymous said…
The mirrors are perfect. Do you have any idea of the source. I NEED them!
Paula Masterman said…
and the color reflected in the mirror is perfect, too. Makes me think of softened fresh industrial - I know, that's weird, but that's me.

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