Ikea in the 60s

Sort of like finding photos of your parents from the 60s when they were cool, running across this old ikea catalog ( did I just admit that something from the 60s is 'old'? ) was a great reminder that great design is timeless and that Ikea is cooler than I realized.

by the way, did you even know that ikea has been around this long?


OMG, so freakin cool! I had no idea that Ikea was around back then. I thought it was a rather new company...wow
mary said…
I thought that Ikea was an 80's invention.......still, it is an amazing "country" with its own distinct culture. And lately it has been getting better and better. Thanks. Mary
modernhaus said…
Oh gosh, now if only I could remember where I parked my time machine...

Once or twice I've seen people list "vintage IKEA" on Craigslist, but I assumed they meant early 90s or something!

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