kindred spirits at the front

I guess I assume that there are others out there who see the beauty in an old storefront with the fluorescent gassed signage, relics of a time when family owned businesses, sustained their neighborhood and vice-versa. They're beautiful time capsules, with  their soot and carbon layered patinas, their names, inlaid on the tile entryway they make me want to imagine stories of who has been reflected in those windows over the years.

"Block Drug Stores" one of several store fronts I shot while in NYC, in July. 

I recently ran across this video and book and thought I'd share it with those of you who also have a bit of a love affair with vintage storefronts.

love this project. love this book.


Peggy and Fritz said…
Love the Italian pastry shop. Reminds mile of when I was a kid visiting my Aunt in Queens with all the pastry and meat shops. Ahhhh! The good 'ole days! A
Sarah's Fab Day said…
I have a love affair going with signs too. Here's another good spot to check out the signage of Chicago for you to peruse.
Susan Windsor Jones said…
So inspiring...beautiful find Megan
Cecile said…
I enjoyed this post so much I posted a link to your blog on my FB wall. The old store fronts reminded me of growing up in Queens. Thanks!

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