La mac daddy: Lacanche

 whatever. Forget  wolf. This thing is hands down....

 la shizzle dot com. 

 Lacanche ranges - in their own words, " exude purpose. "

Sure they're a bit pricey, but you could always add some wheels and drive it around town when you're not cooking up a storm. 

 "Lacanche, a little village in the hills above Beaune, where the famous stoves bearing the village's name are manufactured. The company is firmly committed to combining the best of modern and traditional methods both in product design and working practice. And it has every reason to be proud of its legacy: the site dates back to the 18th century when a Burgundian gentleman by the name of Richard de Curtil decided to put the iron contained in his subsoil and the timber from his forests to good use by creating a foundry at Lacanche. In 1796, Jacques-Etienne Caumartin took control of the ironworks and the company remained in the hands of the Coste-Caumartin family until 1972."

hm.  They're gorgeous. And sometimes, at least for me, that'll do. 

and while we're in the kitchen, check out this blogger's, butcher block, ikea hack.

 I love a dark wood counter top, and they only get better with age and use.

I think the Lacanche would finish out her kitchen (starting at 11k for some models-doh) don't you?


Cheryl said…
Love Lacanche!! And yes, I love your kitchen, but how fabulous would a lovely new range be?
This range is all the rage in and around Beaune too. My friend with a tiny former saboterie there has one, and I want one too some day!
Ive wanted a Wolf forever, but these are so pretty!
Oh - so similar to Le Cornue! gorgeous!!! Similarly pricey LOL

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