mahna mahna

check out mahna mahna,  if only for the visual treat of the front page. poke around and you'll unearth all kinds of strange and wonderful finds.

It's Japanese, so I haven't figured out if you can buy anything. But most of it looks to be stuff you could find at the Rose Bowl Flea, if you had the patience. It's more the design of the site that brings a little song to my heart. Sort of like design confetti dancing across your screen. This would make an excellent screen saver.  check it out:  mahna mahna factory


I like the shop by color factor.
Anika H. said…
My name is Anika, I live in Japan as a missionary kid. I found you as a connection of a connection, but I can help you understand a bit about Mahna Mahna. I really like the home page, its real cute!
Mahna Mahna is some kind of online rental shop. You pay the price on the right side ( It says レンタル料:EACH¥1,000. (Currency is in yen, so at this time, that would be about $12) I don't think it would work overseas though. And is says the norm. rental time period is 4 days 3 nights or 3 days 4 nights or something like that. Hope that helps. Anika

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