missoni madness.... and a new toaster

A couple of things on this Tuesday morning, of September 13th, the much anticipated date for some of us who couldn't wait to pick up a few things Missoni with the Target price tag. First of all, did you go? I sort of forgot about it and then saw my IG feed and got that crazy-woman, apoplectic heart race, that I was missing out on something BIG. I dropped kids off at school and then scurried the few blocks to our local Target.

There were probably 40 women clogging the check out area, arms loaded, most of whom I recognized from school, grocery store, soccer games....the mom stuff of life, a few men (with piles of the zig-zaggy stuff in their carts, probably to sell at the local swap meet or ebay) And all of the shelves were bare.


Save for a lone pair of kid's leggings hanging haphazardly on a swim suit display. So, I can't report on its quality or if this designer line for Target hit it (as opposed to the sad, past, attempts via Calypso and Liberty of London- who knew these could be made to look ugly?)


But I will say this, seeing all of those women, hording the same stuff...the zig zag sweater coat, the zig zag flats, boots, pumps etc. made me realize that, I do not want any of this. It's officially, the new 'Momauflage' of my, already, very homogenized town. (which, hey, if that's your thing, more power to you. It's just not mine )


                        I happily walked away, empty handed (not that I really had any choice)

Also, it made me really glad that I didn't blow my wad on a $400.00 Missoni bikini while in Venice, Italy a few years back ( Can you imagine, 'Oh, did you get that at Target?"  "Um. NO. I bought it in Venice. On my HONEYMOON" )

Here's what I didn't see in person, but looks to be cute from the line:

ipod holder. pretty, simple. like it. 

zingy bike. Although, the wheels don't look fat enough to work on the beach. But around town, it's charming.
now, this is cute. I'd buy it.

ok. So there's that. Now, I have another question. I'm in the market for a new toaster. ( Rull, rull important stuff ) Here's the one I want:

The Dualit. Isn't it pretty? It's also almost as much as that Missoni for Missoni swimsuit I didn't buy in Italy. Probably a better investment, considering that I'll be toasting bread a lot longer than I'll be hanging out in a 2 piece - 'hanging out' being the operative word.  Has anyone purchased the Dualit? Do you like it? Is a toaster, a toaster a toaster....except if it is to be-zigzagged for Target? Your input would be swell.


David said…
I have always wanted a Dualit, but I settled for a stainless steel Cuisinart.

I did not run to Target over lunch, but I did order a scarf and stocking cap online. If I'm out tonight I might stop to see the home stuff if there is any left.
Sarah's Fab Day said…
I don't have a Dualit but my mother does. I wouldn't say it's life changing except for the way it looks. It's a little trickier than just plunking the bread down, you choose the toastiness, set the timer then use the lever. Sometimes I forget one of these steps and have to start over. Even with those little snafus I still love using it.
English Rose said…
I can recommend the Dualit toaster. I've had one for about 10 years - its great looking, doesn't go wrong and makes good toast. Its worth the price, cheaper toasters just don't last as long in my experience.
Curious Details said…
same here in the deep south megan. i was picking up dog food this morning and heard the same question over and over through the same departments "will you be getting MORE"? i'm guessing e-bay gobblers.
mamacita said…
I was first in line this morning. I have to say, I was really impressed with the quality of the Missoni stuff; it was WAY better than it had to be. The dress I saw was pretty damn close to the quality of The Real Deal. The shoes, not so much.
You crack me up! I totally forgot today was THE day for this. Honestly, didn't think folks in Little Rock would be smitten. The Calypso line remained untouched. I was surprised when I stopped by after lunch to see the store was ransacked. The few pieces which were left were not impressive. I couldn't agree more that with the mass of crazy (the checker said there was a line through the parking lot when they opened the doors this morning), I don't want any part of it, either. Instead, I'll just wear my three year old cardigan I bought at Neimans and be happy. ha!
Flotsam Friends said…
Megan, I love this post. Good on you I say!! What a shame it's all turned out like this. Makes me look at my Missoni hand towel (the only thing I could ever afford) in a different light. I wonder if Missoni will come to Target in Australia? I'd love a Dualit, I've just never had a kitchen big enough to display it. I like the cream/stainless one. I'd say it would be a great investment. Prux
JustJoan said…
I've got one and love it! I fell in love with them when I lived in England and my hubby worked for Richard Rogers. They had the 4-slice model in their breakroom and it was just fabulous to go in there to make tea and toast in the afternoon. Bought mine at Williams Sonoma when we moved back. Go for it Meagan!
Sara said…
If the shelves were that bare when you got there, can you imagine the scene that was going on before you arrived? There must have been a tug of war for a few things...or almost.

I think you made the right decision. It might have felt good rushing up with some Charlie Brown shirt, but once you got home, you might feel like a goof at school drop off, esp if someone else was wearing the same one. :)

But I do love that Target is cool enough to know these high-end designers once a year release is fun and inspirational. It makes me want to paint or stitch zig zags on something myself.
Sara said…
So funny, I decided to take a peep at their online stuff to see what the fuss was over, and Target has a wait time stating:

"We are suddenly extremely popular. You may not be able to access our site momentarily due to unusually high traffic. Please stay here and we'll try to get you in as soon as we can!

Please know that there is no need to refresh your browser. Your request will automatically retry in 30 seconds.'

Yes, must be the ebay sellers as Curious Details said.
72 and sunny said…
david-i looked at the cuisinart as well.it's a good alt. and I bet the caps + scarves will be a good bet.

We have back to school night tonight, I'm going to be taking count on all of the Missoni sightings.
Go for the Dualit, 10 years in I can still boast about the toast. Alas, the same can't be said for a Missoni top I wore out years ago.
Cheers, Alcira

Life of Style said…
Oh, I am so with you on this one, can't wait to see all the moms in town wearing their target Missoni this fall, very original. I am lucky enough to have a few pieces of the M Missoni and if I decide to pull it out which maybe I won't I am sure I will get atleast one, do you get that at target? Our shelves are bare here too and I heard there was some running at the store opening, carts full, etc. You can imagine the mayhem.
That toaster looks amazing!
Stacey said…
A toaster is not just a toaster. This one is so well made and it crackles when it heats up. I intend to have it forever, and even did a post on Dualit on my own blog:

I've had my Dualit for 12 years. It still toasts perfectly. If only it would wear out so I could get a new color... *sigh*... ;)
I used to sell(and bye) a lot of Missoni at the Planet Blue Malibu and Venice, CA.

The beach towels are made much better than the bath towel... that do not stop shedding, and fading in the wash. But, I still want a bikini..!

...I don't "buy" any more.. I just wave.."bye"... to all those things I used to want. ;p
I guess I should have put this on my calendar, cuz I missed it, and the website is now maxed. It did look cute in the ads, esp that bike....I bought some XVIIIC French silver instead, to cheer me up after 9/11. I confess I do toast in the oven, so can't comment there!
Jen Borba said…
I had always wanted a Dualit but thought the price was too high. After years of crappy ugly toasters I finally bought my Dualit. It has been gracing my counter and toasting my breakfast for 10 years now. If it were to die tomorrow I would gladly spend the money on a new one. Do it!
Tery H said…
I have a Dualit and love it! I bought mine at a Williams Sonoma Outlet store...it was reconditioned and was only $60. Its been a great toaster for the last 5 years. Not sure if they still sell them at the outlet but I would definitely buy another if I had too.
Tery H said…
Love my Dualit toaster. I got mine at a William Sonoma outlet for $60! It's reconditioned and has been the best toaster for the past 5 years. Highly recommend.
Cyn said…
Hi Megan,

Hope you are well - Erika at Urban Grace did a post on her Dualit, if I remember (I attached below).

I was up early and ordered a bunch of stuff, but then the website crashed and I lost everything in my shopping cart (rully annoying).

But later I ordered a bunch of stuff, so we will see what it looks like. If I love it, I may keep it for awhile before wearing it
Cyn said…
Oops, forgot the link.


Lots of people commented.

Anonymous said…
I received the Dualit toaster 15 years ago....It is still alive and kicking and survives the daily use of three kids. I love it as much now as I did when I first got it. Heck, it outlasted my marriage!!
Jeannee said…
Oh I love this new to me word: 'Momauflage' ! It's the word I've been looking for that entirely fulfills the issue I've been having with something else! You know how giraffe prints are very in? Well, giraffes are one of my favorite animals, and - while I love the outpouring of giraffes you're suddenly finding everywhere! - I refuse to buy a giraffe print handbag, because I see it everywhere - I do mean EVERYWHERE - in this part of the earth called Lexington, KY. Yep, its become Momauflage! That's the word!
Peggy and Fritz said…
Well you already know my opinion on yesterday...crazy and after Kirsten texted me what the nutty moms were doing I said forget it. They were waiting in the MB parking lot since 7 AM and everything was sold out by 8:15 AM - insane. There was one scarf I did like that wasn't online and I did love the bike - gotta say. But it's like sample sales - I always hated them and would rather shop in peace and spend $100.00 more than deal with what's is suppose to be "classy women" acting like their eating for the last time. Forget it. BTW that toaster looks "way cool" however, I'm a toaster oven girl and it's the one thing I CANNOT live without. I'm waiting for someone to make a classy looking one that functions well. Still haven't found it.
Anonymous said…
I recently bought the Dualit soft touch black and chrome toaster from amazon.com (free shipping!) and I love it. I love that it's not all stainless...my last stainless steel toaster was a mess of fingerprints and this one cleans up so much easier. I like it!
BestofDesign said…
Love the Dualit! Seems funny that something so simple is so expensive---but we just bought another one for our second home...love it! Like your take on the Missoni collection--my friend went to Target and there was nothing left but some baby clothes...so I think you are right about it being everywhere!
I witnessed all the Missoni madness too...i didn't even see the ipod cover...I like it.

I do have a Dualit toaster and have had it for about 12 years...I think cheap toasters may toast a little better...but I jut can't give it up. I love the look on my kitchen counter, so I'll deal with one side of my bagel a little toastier.
Sarah said…
Hi Megan - I hit Target today and there wasn't much left though I did buy ONE little item - a Missoni mug - for $4.99 it was worth it. I did see some of the stuff which I thought was overpriced (of course)-clothing. I did see the luggage and it was cute - the one that was left anyway! I have a cheap toaster, so I can't help with the Dualit - have a good week! ;-)
Grant K. Gibson said…
Loved your REAL post. It was like I was in the same room, having an iced latte with you and talking about the situation at Target.

And toasters: Dualit is THE way to go.
I have had mine for years. Something is wrong with it (one side isn't toasting) so I am going to take it into WS to see if they can fix it or give me a new one.

You eat bread? How you do stay so beautiful eating carbs! xx
72 and sunny said…
Grant- ha! no, I don't really eat carbs. or more like, I don't like to eat a lot of glutens - makes my skin like crap. But every kitchen needs a toaster, right?
Cheryl said…
Best toaster ever!!! I would have to say ours is at least 10 years old. It has never let me down... and it really does crackle when it heats up!
kerry LS said…
i have the larger 4 slice Dualit personally love it my family on the other hand hates it. They say everything gets stuck IE english muffins and pop tarts haha.I think they were really attached to the former cuisineart we had. I must say i love the look of it and tell them suffer through it I am keeping this beauty. (p.s. the clicking on the timer drives my husband insane!!)

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