Tiles, I know,  not terribly exciting on their own. But when you're flipping through site after site of the same old stuff, looking for something modern, but classic, artisan and organic but not too ceramics class, you have no idea how exciting it is to find a line like Modwalls. Check out these, iconic, cross or "Plus Design" tiles. :

look at the colors, great, eh? I wish you could use them on the floor, but they suggest the best use is on walls. Backsplash in a modern kitchen with stainless steel counters and black lacquered cabinets? (or bright orange if you're going to go for it)

and did you say Subways? Another iconic tile style. Look at these, isn't that glaze lovely? I'd love to lay these out vertically.

I'm always one for penny rounds. These would be so fun in a kid's bath. 

 speaking of the Penny Round look, check these out (below on the floor), Cork Penny Rounds! These are so eco-fabulous. They're gorgeous. They remind me a bit of the, literal, Penny Round floor in the Standard, Meat Packing Dist. but I'm guessing a bit cheaper.

and of course they're loaded with a ton of luminescent  glass subways, which always seem to be a favorite.

check them out. There's more to these guys, like customization, inspiration images etc. I just don't think I can do them justice.  Modwalls.


brandeye said…
this makes me want to tile something. love the penny rounds and cross tiles!

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