Stuff to do, now that your kids are back in school.

love this simple, and easy touch that anyone could do to a wall in lieu of wallpaper. And you wouldn't have the guilt of changing your mind in 6 months and wanting to do something different (me. imperial trellis wall)

Speaking of an easy little update. I found this on my IG feed the other day......

This would be so easy to recreate using a dumpster dived, piano bench and the ikea Rens. I think this works, too, because of the context. The sheepskin against the cold marble and glass is a welcome touch of fluff.

And one more DIY,  "wall treatment" ( god, I just had a flash back to 'ragged rolled' glazed walls of the early 90s bleh. ) I  found these walls in the bathroom of beautiful home store in Kansas City, MO called, "George".

This  would be so easy to recreate. If you don't have illustrating skills, relax, use vintage postcards. Or even give everyone in your family a try at creating their own postcard. I think that even an naive approach would be charming so long as it's framed, crisply by a black line as they've done above.  You'd probably also want create a stencil but only for penciling the lines in. The hand painted, imperfect paint strokes adds to the whimsy.


Ashley said…
And with one post you've managed to give so many good ideas! Looks like my "to-do" list grows longer...!
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Mr. Spangler had an estate sale three weeks ago and I bought this great little footstool...
The sheepskin and the Jolly reminded me that I saw a
beautifully restored Wagoneer in front of Hotel Jerome in Aspen a few weeks ago. The seats were covered in sheepskin. I really wanted a ride but couldn't track down the owner.
You need to carjack that Jolly next time you see it. How would they ever track you down?
BestofDesign said…
Loved this post---really easy and unique ideas in a concise message!

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