Denim, pirate ship from Gray Label made by some guy and his two sons in Bali.

 From  hase weiss. Made by the same com­pany that pro­duced them as a Royal War­rant holder in the 19th cen­tury. Each ship is built using the orig­i­nal pat­terns and painted by hand.

Love a good handmade boat. wouldn't these  be great decorative pieces?


Karena said…
These are really interesting Megan! Yes they would be very fun on a shelf or coffee table;in most any room!


Art by Karena
Charlotta Ward said…
Yes gorgeous! We found a lovely old wooden toy ship in a garage sale in Sydney (on our way to the beach.. you know how it is..) once. The kids played with it in the bath for years - now it sits on a shelf looking pretty.

x C

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