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Over the weekend we threw a little soiree for some friends of ours who are having a baby... at any time. Her due date,  in fact, was yesterday. Being that this is her first, the reality will probably be sometime later in the week.

It's chevron time. I know, overkill with the chevron design already, but I'm still willing to use it. While trying to come up with a quick idea that was uni-sex, not to juvenile and a bit fall-ish, I decided on a color scheme of gray and yellow. Easy go to. Always modern. The fabric was an easy find, and at $7.00 a yard, a fantastic find (fabric.com). It's heavy enough to create window treatments too. 


I was planning on ordering gray, cross-dyed fabric napkins from West Elm but time didn't allow, so I tried to dye some white napkins-  they turned out a muddy disaster . Instead I found these at cost plus, 'Indigo, Ikat' 4 x $15.00. (navy goes with everything)

I also picked up some napkin rings that were perfect and looked a little handmade (which they probably were,  in china). 

.....Then I had to go to the Craft Store. I'm going to be kind and just say, not my kind of joint. I wanted to stab my eyes out with a dried stalk of barley corn. Can they SOMEhow find a way to make the check out experience in these places not make me want to pelt someone with decorative glass stones? How you crafty girls can handle this part of your job is beyond me. My hair smelled like cinnamon and dried flowers the rest of the day.

oh, so here's the other thing, I had in mind that I would fill the table, with loads of these in assorted white vases. Cute with a mid-century vibe.

"Billy Balls" as they are so affectionately referred to. (their real name is something like, 'Casopeai' but that's not it, and it's Tuesday when I should be working--- and to look it up would only mean that I'm procrastinating even more)

ok, so here's what. I saw these "Billy Balls", at the Whole Foods in Venice just a few days before. In fact, I feel like I always see Billy Balls at Whole Foods. Of course, the day of the party, They are NO. where. to be found. Which means, Nick and I spent the better part of Saturday morning making phone calls that went like this, 

'Hi, um, do you have Billy Balls?' 

usually the request was met with silence, or with  a somewhat accusatory, 'WHAT?' 

I even had some lady hang up on me (I wanted to call back and ask her if she Prince Albert in a can, but I was too busy trying to track down Balls)

We never found them. I ended up  buying every last bunch of sunflowers Trader Joe's had. Which is fine. I guess. Sunflowers are fine. Nobody, knew the diff. in the long run anyway. And the party was a big success as it was really just about getting people together to celebrate the biggest miracle in life. We can't wait for this new little guy to make him or self known.

Also, I have 7 yards of gently used Yellow, Chevron fabric. If you're interested in it, email me. Seriously. 

oh! I almost forgot. I served up a pitcher of the best cocktail I've had in a long time. A "Blackberry and Lavender,  infused Margarita". 

Silly me, I wasn't sure how they'd go over so I just made 1 pitcher. Next time I'm making a sink full of these beauties. Here's the recipe:

5 blackberries
1 ounce lime juice
2 ounces tequila
½ ounce orange liqueur (Cointreau, Grand Marnier, etc)
Prep your glass if your like your margaritas with a salt rim.
Add your blackberries and lavender syrup to a cocktail shaker. Crush the blackberries using a muddler. Add other ingredients and ice. Shake well and strain into the glass. Enjoy!!

(I think you could make a Mocktail replacing the Margie/Alchy stuff with maybe, limeade and soda water? )


LOL @ prince albert -you just made my day.
First of all, the party looks amazing- the blue napkins really made it! Second of all, I was wondering who took all the sunflowers at Trader Joes. Third of all, if you haven't given away the fabric, I will take it and I am pretty sure I live within 1 mile of you! I will email you right now.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
preppyplayer said…
I love it.
Especially the end of Summer/Autumn vibe.
So funny. My son, who is now 25, remembers his "worst ever" childhood experiences as those being dragged around to craft stores! ( I thought it was fun.)
Grant K. Gibson said…
I guess we both really DO love that fabric!

vicki archer said…
The cocktails sound delicious Megan...and the sunflowers were gorgeous...xv
annechovie said…
Megan, I love what you did....your friends are very lucky to have this special memory and you pulled it off with your trademark style. The only thing better than your design was the piece about your craft store experience. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks you could pull off a second gig as a comedy writer. Thanks for making me laugh - I seriously needed it today. xo
Peggy and Fritz said…
You know me Megan, this is right up my alley. Looks fabulous.
Karen said…
You must have panicked when they didn't have any. Your table looked beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Party looked so pretty. Your craft store comments made my day! Glad I'm not the only person who hates craft stores! Lovely art stores - different animal entirely!
Market Decor said…
Funny! I hate it when you go to get something that seems to always be THERE and its not there - but it always works out and the Sunflowers worked fine - table looked great, very inviting! I am going to made that drink, too! Thanks!
cecilia said…
I love the lawn setting and everything about eating outdoors - the table looked beautiful!
LOVE the table! You did a fabulous job and the sunflowers look fantastic! You are quite the creative one...love the combo fabrics...we just need to hear the menu and we will all be copying your soiree!
Anonymous said…
What a gorgeous event you put on! Such a shame you couldn't find the Billy Balls (called Craspedia btw), they would've looked awesome with the sunflowers. I love the chevron fabric too!

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