You Are What You Do.

We Are What We Do, is a non-profit that creates small ways for people to do good things, helping address major environmental and social issues. The difference is that it doesn't do it by guilting but by positive strokes and personal accountability.

You probably recognize this, We Are What We Do manufactured bag from a few years ago when unlikely bed fellows like, high end designer, Anya Hindmarch got on board.

 Suddenly the idea of bringing your own bag everywhere became chic and cutting edge. Using fashion lemmings' weaknesses for a good cause- such a great idea!  (it's all about the angle to the dangle).

the 'Tipping Point' moment for canvas, reusable bags....

Their website is pumped up with candy colored graphics ( a la, the Vimeo site ) and in its self, a happy little place on the www.

With 'back to school' being my main mission this past week, I was especially drawn to their 'Academic Line' printed with simple, doable acts, that can make big differences in this world.

Check out their website, it's worth it, if only to remind yourself that it's, O.K., to let one person in front of you on the 405 or that you haven't written a letter to that 4th grade teacher who changed your life.


wow love those pencils!Although....don't even remember the last time I used one -haha.
cecilia said…
Megan, I almost forgot about We Are What We Do. I actually own the Anya Hindmarch I'm Not A Plastic Bag, and may have to pull that one out of the closet again. Thanks for the reminder! I also love the pencil expressions...we were just sharpening my son's No.2 pencils this morning for the first day of school!

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