4 things under $40.00.....

I just got photoshop. Can you tell? "Just got" being the operative words. {* newby * } I should really take a class. Anyway for my first, personally assigned, assignment - I'm sharing with you some awesome Etsy finds. And they're all under $40.00 clams.

1. Quatrefoil necklace in gold + turquoise   jennijewel $33.00
2. Vintage Royal Haeger pedestal dish  BlueHouseVintage  $14.00
3. Enzo Angiolini size 5.5 '80s color block, leather slippers   hemlines $32.00
4. "La La Love You" poster SparklePower $19.00



Anonymous said…
Are you having fun with photoshop? I think it's the best thing ever but so much to learn and I get so impatient trying to come up with great graphics. So, I do what I can.
I wish you would do a bogger event like you used to. Would you consider doing one in our area?
Let me know. Teri
The Moerks said…
Four very excellent items! I love your photoshopping. I must look into getting that one day.
Anonymous said…
I found your blog and love it. The picture of the beach looked so familiar. I used to jog on the Strand, ride my bike on the bike path and run on the beach a million years ago. I will enjoy it all again on your blog.

Land locked in Ohio.............missing Manhattan Beach.
cecilia said…
Would love to have a sidebar with you someday on Photoshop-type posts...or maybe a topic for the Skirted Roundtable in the future? For a newbie, you're doing great and have found a way to navigate through. I'm debating Photoshop as well, but feel like I need to get a Mac first. (Working off a Dell and trying to manage with Picasa.) Looking forward to your future creations ;)

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