collage::matthew cusick

Check out this collage work using maps by artist, Matthew Cusick. 

I'm trying to figure out how one even approaches this. Do you cut up pieces of ephemera and sort them by color?

And then use the paper as you would paint, by cutting it into 'brush strokes? 

Or do you start with a photograph or a painting and layer on top.....

It's mind boggling and simply, beautiful.

"Collage is a medium perfectly suited to the complexities of our time. It speaks to a society that is over-saturated with disparate visual information. It attempts to put order to the clutter and to make something permanent from the waste of the temporary. A collage is also a time capsule; it preserves the ephemera of the past. It reconstitutes things that have been discarded. A collage must rely on a kind of alchemy; it must combine ordinary elements into something extraordinary."- Michael Cusick


Wow! This is amazing! And what a great quote! I cant imagine how much time goes into making one of these!

Stephanie said…
Wow, those are such beautiful pieces. I too wonder how they actually do that! I went to his web site, they aren't for sale? I would love one of those.
Sarah's Fab Day said…
These collages are so lovely and so was the quote that went with it.
cecilia said…
Unreal! I love his work and maps medium for collages - so cool!
Wow this is absolutely beautiful. Simply stunning and can not imagine how long it must take!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for introducing us to this artist. What amazing work! So beautiful.

These are all so beautiful and you posed the exact questions I was thinking as I was looking at them're right it is pretty mind boggling!
Erin said…
I love these pieces of art, especially the ocean ones. Thanks for sharing!
Peggy and Fritz said…
I'm a map freak- a -zoid....these are incredible!

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