My weekend via the magic of Instagram.....

Saturdays mean soccer. (nails: "School of Hard Rocks" by Essie )

 Had to make the last minute craft store, costume run. Hell on earth, a few nights before Halloween. (or almost any other day of the year actually)
peter, peter, at the pumpkin patch.

My little shuga' skull

Our last grade school Halloween Parade. ( I cried. )
 It may not be the "Virgin Mary" but it's news worthy ( on the other hand, does anyone really know what she looked like? Maybe she looked just like this. )

 Sand Jack-O-Lantern

Favorite way to spend a Sunday.
With Designer + Author, James Swan ( @Thursday night's book signing of, "101 Things I Hate About Your House" )


Um, that costume is AMAZEBALLS!!!! And I couldn't help but laugh at Mary looking like a smiley face. Delightful post.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
cecilia said…
...and the fact that Christmas decorations were already on display at Michael's even before Halloween was just too much for me! We had a nor'easter over the weekend, and you got to sit on the beach. Wanna switch?

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