on trend :: neo-navajo

I don't know about you, but, this whole trend of the 80s Navajo vibe being cool 'again', scared me in the beginning. I have memories of Peach framed, R.C.Gorman prints with coyotes howling in the moonlight. (And then there's this review, that put it all into perspective.)

The only subset I've seen make this look work, and not like they never caught up with the times, are those young enough that they were babies if not even alive when this trend made its first go around.  So, for the rest of us,  I've culled a few items that, while allowing incorporation of the trend , won't have you looking like you stopped caring in 1988.

  1. Bernere Blanket Skirt - LemLem ( love  this )
  2. Canyon Lady Felt Hat - Yellow 108  ( found mine at wicked + in Hermosa Beach.)
  3. Madien Poncho - Club Monaco
  4. Chevron Ring - House of Harlow 
  5. Buckle Back Ankle  Boot - Free People ( I own these, and can attest to their ability to make you feel your full, bad-ass potential. Order a size larger. They run skosh squinchy )


DolceDreams said…
I am loving your new photoshopping! Looks great!
Anonymous said…

I thought this might add further perspective on the "Navajo trend."
72 and sunny said…
anon- the comment thread after, is entertaining.
Patio Sets said…
i love the earthly colors of the navajo trends, but im sure it will cause controversy sooner or later

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