ok, I realize this might completely freak some of you out. But it just made me want to go through my kids' craft box and pull out all of the large Googlie eyes, on the bottom which never get used, and put them to work at our next dinner party. Because, fun is a good thing to have. And so are large, unblinking, googlie eyes.

From artist:: Brock Davis' flickr stream here.


Ivy Lane said…
These are hilarious! I'm a fan of your blog! If you feel up to following another one - check mine out! (:
Fun IS a really good thing to have. Have these at your dinner party and also have corn on the cob. Let us know how it goes - sounds like a hoot!
Treadgold said…
Totally freaky but gave me a laugh - now we know what to do with any leftover googly eyes!
I just snarfed my hot tea!!! That is awesome. What a great laugh this early in the morning.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
cotedetexas said…
that's hysterical! can't believe the dog and the baby weren't crying!!!

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