per requests:: sunglasses -Karen Walker, sweater - Zara,  pants -J.crew,  shoes - Tahari ( found at Marshall's for $40.00 -holla.) gold bracelet- vintage from etsy. inset photo:: wallet - urban o., scarf - Hermes, sunglasses-same as above. Lipstick-Mac, 'Fleshpot'.

OK, this is it for my crafty posts. With the holidays coming up, and my supply of gold paint pens.... this could have gotten totally out of hand.

I found the original idea for this bag over here ( there's a tutorial if you need further instruction - but I bet you can figure this out ). I originally was going to use this, bandaid colored, bag and give it a bright neon pink stripe. I tried it and just wasn't feeling the whole vibe. And besides, I have gold paint.....a lot of it - and have gold paint, nothing is spared.

This is a project for those of us in the  'Easily Distracted' category. It takes minutes to produce. The bag is from American Apparel, runs about $50.00. Lots and lots of colors from which to choose. But I'm liking the whole neutral trend right now, and this weird, doll skin color, worked perfectly with my 'Cosby for Zara',  sweater.   Paint is a Martha Stewart, super toxic smelling product called, 'Liquid Gilding' in 'Brass'. (note- the gold is starting to flake off. I, actually like it better, but you might try a spray paint that would adhere a little better if you want it to stay )


Wow! You have really been crafting up a storm. I think I like the flower vase the best- I might have to try that this weekend.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
Anonymous said…
gosh you're crafty. love the color combo you chose. that can be tricky. you should be in more of your posts. so cute!
This looks great. I might give it a try with a large black clutch and some silver paint. Great idea for a revamp.
Umm, hello super model! LOL Great photo. Love the bag and I think the flaking is sort of endearing -don't you?
See even Martha's sh*t smells ;-)
That's great! How crafty! Loving the gold!
Leslie said…
Gorgeous project! I love it. I think I'll be getting carried away with the gold paint this weekend as well.
Anonymous said…
OK....I have no excuse not to zhush up things around here now......darn you!

(The leopard is smashing!)
Anonymous said…
love the bag! also the shoes. whose shoes are they/
Anonymous said…
Hey Megan,

Where did you get your shoes?

Love them -

beachbungalow8 said…
Anon/Ann - the shoes are by Tahari, called the Laura Pump. I scored them for $39.99 at Marshall's.
Elle said…
I love how easy this is! We can find these at goodwill and spray paint them!
Thanks for the inspiration!
c.w.frosting said…
I love the gold stripe! I have gold paint but not pouch... will have to keep an eye out for one.

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

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