Yesterday I was invited to take a tour of the newest West Elm store. Without skipping a beat,  I was there, 2:30 p.m. on the dot.  With bells on actually, practically pressing my nose against the freshly polished glass doors ( I'd so much rather spend a late afternoon, basking in the glory of good design, rather than work on 5th grade math. )

The store is an absolute wonderland of design. Housed in what was the former, Blueprint store. The space looks nothing like its former self. Structural beams cross beneath the rough hewn, vaulted ceiling, giving the feeling of urban 'warehouse'  gone chic + sophisticated loft. You immediately begin imagining dinner parties with friends and evenings reading, curled up on one of the many sofas showcased in the staged vignettes, throughout the shop.

a close up of their living wall. yes. those plants are real. just try, to keep your hands at your side, and touch with your eyes. impossible.

The centerpiece of the showroom, literally, is an area designated by iron framed multi-paned partitions that are 20 feet if not more. 

This is where you'll find the seasonal shifts with handmade items and small gift pieces.



Fans of West Elm will see what we've all come to expect of the brand, such as collaborations with smaller artisans, reinventing and giving their work a fresh perspective while creating price points that are more, big box realistic.

And of course, as always, the incredible line of lamps that range from 'Figural' bases to those with a more ' Scandinavian' voice.

one of the 'Figural' lamp bases. So chic and charming.

The bedding is always a great bargain for the design value, allowing the consumer to buy foundations and choose layering to season.

beautiful, handmade from saris and at a terrific price point of $99.00. every one, unique.

detail of the sari throw Can you tell I'm transfixed?

Some other great new features, are the movement of the store into 'Kitchen' (yay, you can now register at West Elm!) the monogramming services ( which, I love ) and finally the design center where you can work with your own designer or one of the in store specialists.

It really was so hard to walk through and not make a mental note of everything I NEED to have not to mention buy as gifts for friends and family. If you're in the area today, do stop by, they've worked so hard for the grand opening, and if only to walk through and ooh and aahhh, it's worth every moment.

West Elm - 8366 Beverly Boulevard (at Kings Road).

not for sale, but need to be. Don't these remind you a bit of Confetti System? I think a collaborative effort needs to be on the books.


oh wow -what a great store! I just love west elm for little new accessories and things that don't break the bank. I also love how they reach out to bloggers and the design community for store happenings. When they opened their store here in Georgetown I was there with a number of other bloggers for a sneak peak. I'm going there today to check out some of those pillows! I want the paint swatch pillow AND the owls on the red background! (yes I have a pillow fetish -ugh).
Im am seeing some great pieces here! And the picture with the Christmas tree put me in Christmas right away!

Susan Windsor Jones said…
Hi Megan,
We are without West Elm in KC now. How was the quality?
beachbungalow8 said…
A.D. - I think they're super smart to collaborate w/ local bloggers. In fact, that was what I took away the most-how brilliant their marketing is. The collaborations with indigenous people (very Anthro, don't you think?) Their getting into the registry world (very C & B) smart, smart they are.

As for the quality, I was actually very impressed the quality and design level, for the price point. They have some new pieces that are heavy, solid wood which are beautiful - and some gorgeous leathers.
Leslie said…
The store looks so beautiful! I especially love the Christmas section.
Anonymous said…
ooooh....aaahhhh! Seriously a huge fan! Gotta get up to our local Roseville store!

BTW...West Elm hired the top talent from Anthro a year or two that is why we are seeing some of that Anthro influence with all the fab gifts and other small items! Lucky us. :)
sarah said…
i have a sick sick west elm addiction! sometimes i kind of feel like i live in a west elm showroom!
OMG! You are one lucky gal. Next time, if you need a date, email me! I will even take you out to dinner :)

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
West Elm is doing such a great job. Love those glasses...and I have the hand towels.
Chizwa said…
wow, love these images. thank you for sharing, I'm inspired as well... those confetti looking things!

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