Tell me these are new to some of you out there. I can't tell anymore what's new and  what's so done it's no longer worthy of blog-versation. I love Confetti Systems with all my heart n' soul, and Geronimo Balloon Troopers are right there with my adoration for  tinsely, sugary-colored, shiny, crepey, balloony creations of celebration.

I swear, I've sat and stared at photos of these things, and even if I could figure out how they're made, I'd never put the hours in, it must take to create them. 
macaroons are the grossest tasting confection on the trend market currently, but they look perfect here.

What are "Balloon Troopers" ? I personally, had never heard of the term (or maybe it's totally made up). 


The troopers are made  using vintage ribbons, hand-marbled Italian tissue paper, metallic frill, gold tape and a whole lotta other stuff. Right here in L.A. they don't come cheap, but if you're trying to go all 'budget', try and make one of these yourself. My guess is that the starting price of one balloon at $55.00 will sound totally worth it.


I didn't want to bring this up initially, but now that I've had a convo with Jihan Zencirli, maker and artisan of these beautiful creatures, I want to add an explanation for something on their site.

Here's the deal: the Geronimo Balloon Troopers gang is planning a mass, balloon bombing of 499 balloons { time and date is undisclosed until 48 hours prior } They especially welcome photographers and videographers to capture the event, which will no doubt be breathe taking....but what about the ocean and all of its denizens ? When it rains in L.A., all things get washed into the bay, and things like balloons, get gobbled up by our beautiful sea creatures who mistake them for food. 

This morning, I emailed, Jihan and she responded immediately. Here is her response:

"Thank you for your email! And for your concern. The way I have the 499 routes structured will require my volunteers to retrieve the balloons within 24 hours. Contracts/stewardship agreements too. The balloons, balloon string are also biodegradable.

I could talk all day about it!
Thanks again for being a conscientious fan. You are the very first person to ask these questions- and I'm glad you did!
Jihan   "

I know that many of you are environmentally aware and this might be broached. I wanted to let Jihan, explain so that this wouldn't be a conversation. And from someone who's raising kids at the beach, please be responsible for your balloons. Don't let them float off. What goes up, must comes down. Also, sign up to get the 'launch' email so you can be a part  of this mission!


Karena said…
Megan they are gorgeous; and I cannot imagine making them myself! Ha!


Art by Karena
vicki archer said…
Love these Megan...and I haven't seen them but that doesn't mean anything! I am going to put them on MY Daily Click today at French Essence.... Thank you for the inspiration... xv
They are new to me! I know about Confetti Systems, but never saw these amazing balloons! I want one...amazing!
red ticking said…
megan.... what a darling post.... truly... xx
Leslie said…
They are so pretty! I'm late to the party too.
Paula Masterman said…
Fringe really isn't that hard to make. It was a part of our craft-toolbelt "back in the day" - but it is time consuming. Who has time these days? :)
These are a very elegant version of what we used to make - I love the variety in the fringe texture.
Susan Windsor Jones said…
I have never heard of these but I can picture a Christmas card photo op for your beautiful family.
Hope the launch is soon and close to you.
Home Interior said…
Honestly this idea is new to me. I learned a lot from this blog today. Thanks!
Oh. Wow. Never seen these but I must get my hands on them!! Pretty, girly and FUN all over.
What a neat project! Can't wait to see the photos from the launch.
Anonymous said…
Hi Megan-
Thanks for clearing up. Not a big fan of balloons because they don't mesh with our ocean and sea life. I can't believe you were the first to ask him the question.

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