London calling back next week.


mary said…
Have a great trip! And bring back lots of stories. Mary
No way are you going to be in London? Wish I'd known could have bought you a tea!
Ben said…
You're probably too busy to note on Sitemeter that I spent the past couple hours exploring your terrific blog. I came here by way of other Intelligent Straight Man Attempts Stylish Life blogs like The Trad and The Epic.

I've listed you in my sidebar under "Blogs I'll Cocktail With". Am looking forward to sharing your posts with my GF tonight.

Aloha from Honolulu, Ben.
Karena said…
ooh cannot wait to hear the details. Have Fun Megan. New Years in London!!

Wishing You and Yours all the best in 2012!

Art by Karena
Home Interior said…
Nice photos. I miss the old London. Happy New Year!
How was London Megan? I love London and hope I can get there again some day.
Paul said…
London is such a wonderful place to visit, next to Paris France. The big clock and the London Bridge is a must-visit for numerous London tourists. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures on your London trip. For sure, your readers would love to see the places you visit in London. Hope you have a fabulous time there. Enjoy!

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