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I've been meaning to do a post on print and textile artist, Jorey Hurley for quite sometime. She's sort of a design super hero to me.

A little digression, and personal sharing: when I was a freshman in college, and was enrolled in Design 101, the first few weeks, we were given the assignment of drawing several, 4 x6 boxes and then placing 24 dots within the space. As the weeks progressed, we were allowed to add color. I didn't 'get' the whole assignment and,  found it tedious, slow moving and a waste of time. What I didn't 'get' back then, but understood much later, was that this was an exercise in composition, using the simplest elements. 

Over the years, I've recalled this assignment and quietly thanked, Professor, Eleanor DuQuoin who put up with my eye rolling and questioning of the task (as I saw it to be).  Because, as elementary as it seemed at the time, the importance of learning how to place anything in a given space is essential to all good design. And you know what? It's not that easy to create, 'simple design'.

Jorey Hurely has the ability to see pattern in design everywhere she looks and then, breaks it down into the perfect composition. Her colors are always clear and sharp adding to the overall happiness these prints evoke. 


Jorey was on the design team for 5 years of one of my favorite textile houses, Hable Construction and has worked on surface design projects for their clients, including Procter + Gamble, Garnet Hill, and Barney’s New York.  

And if that's not enough, she had her own bag line that sold to boutiques in SF. Oh wait, you want more?  She studied art at Princeton and surface/textile design at FIT and then, three years of law school. See? She's kind of a stud.

She sells prints as well, which you can buy here: Jorey Hurley @ etsy 


Karena said…
Thank for featuring Jorey's works of art Megan. She is very accomplished!


Art by Karena
Lisa Porter said…
I'll say.
Always fun to visit you Megan.
xo Lisa
Ni said…
Great post Beachbunaglow8! I'm a big fan of Jorey Hurley's designs also, and couldn't agree more! I just ordered a bunch of prints for my new apartment and they add so much style/flair/atmosphere to the space. Everyone comments on the prints as soon as they walk in. It's just great design - unpretentious and user friendly.
Anonymous said…
Hi Megan,

Just wanted to let you know - the last week or so I tried to get on your blog nearly everyday. Each time, I received a warning that it was a page that can cause problems.

Today, I was able to get on with no such notices.

Looks like a great time on your trip.

Celeste said…
She is definitely amazing! Thank you for featuring her work - I absolutely love it!!

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