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There are a lot of reasons why I shouldn't like this song, "Video Games",  by Lana Del Rey - the low energy dirgyness of it, being number one.  And maybe the weirdness of the lyrics ( My, "12 yr old boy thinking" has me going to weird places when I hear, 'Swinging in the backyard" ....what does that mean? ) But oddly, I keep wanting to go back and listen to it again. However, do it with caution. And not if you've been diagnosed with seasonal depression or any other kind of malaise of the mind for that matter.

......And with that, enjoy!


So I look her up on the interwebs ('google' as they say) after her disastrous performance on SNL last week and I am still bugged. The wig, the weird almost stepfordian-movement-circle thing....don't get. And now I can't hear the song without thinking of the circle shuffle, wig. It is a total dirge. You are mos def right about that.
Decorno said…
SAME here. In fact, after the SNL dustup, I could *not* seem to find a clear explanation why she kept being referred to (even pre-SNL) as "controversial" but I finally found one (and of course, can't seem to find it now when I want to post the link). It was essentially a very thoughtfult and damning take-down of the hipster obsession of authenticity.

Lana is a trifle, but who cares? I like the song, too. She reminds me of a Fiona Apple.

I wish I hadn't watched this... she talks like a weird robot who went to the Madonna Finishing School of Affected Speaking Voices:

Also, they way she describes putting her video together so belabors what is probably a pretty straightforward process that it reminds me of the old SNL sketch of the Anal Chef describing how he wraps and disposed of kitchen scraps. :)
Christianna said…
I know what you mean about this song . . . for weeks it's been dangling in my head, won't drop off, it's eerily addictive . . . thank you for validating my strange reaction to it.
Well said...I agree that there's something about it.
72 and sunny said…
karen and decorno-
I, too, saw/looked up the 'controversial SNL video'. I mean, ya. it was kind of weird and seemed like pain meds were involved. The wig was whack but ROBYN, wasn't weird? Just in a different way, maybe?

Decorno: here's the best quote I've seen written about the 'hipster obsession' in relation to "Portlandia" (which I love )

".... is an extended joke about what Freud called the narcissism of small differences: the need to distinguish oneself by minute shadings and to insist, with ousted militancy, on the importance of those shadings".
- Margaret Talbot, The New Yorker
You raise a good point, Megan. Maybe there's some subliminal mockery going on with the likes of "Robyn" and LDR.
Lana said…
I do also like this song. I have not seen the SNL I am going to go find it.
Clare said…
Heaven is a place on earth wit it

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