retro editorial

everything, the palette, the photography, the styling....

'The Dream Weaver' 
photo: Daniel Sannwald
styling: Lucy Ewing
Model: Iris Egbers 
Publication: The Sunday Times style 5/11


Karena said…
I love to see the Jackie or Audrey scarf tied around the chin, just so elegant!


Art by Karena
Love the attitude, the looks but...the hairdo?
Susan Windsor Jones said…
More Droli Doo influence? Fabulous photos.
72 and sunny said…
Karena, I recently bought a convertible and my best friend asked if I was sportin' the scarf and giant glasses look - because she assumed that I would! hmmmm. I just may.

Francine, I think the styling isn't to be taken as beauty advice, but more to compliment the clothing in an artistic way. I love the fantasy of it all! But, ya, if I sported one of these 'dos' in real life? I think people would cut a wide swathe to pass me on the street. or go to the other side entirely!

Susan-Droli must have made some kind of impression on me as a child. Because, you're right, I have secret fantasies of having a droli-do, and may just, when I hit 70.

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