We often talk about owning a house in the mountains. I vacilate between how I would design and decorate it. One part of me wants something very "Chalet Chic" with layers of European antiques, rich textiles and important art. The other side of me, just wants something that allows us to live among the trees, simply ( still with great art ). The former would be host to formal dinners and beautiful Christmas holidays while the latter, a more practical concept, would be perfect for kids playing board games and general family loafing-a place of simplified beauty. After seeing these photos, I think my mind has been made up.


Sebastopol residence:: designed by San Francisco architects, Turnbull Griffin Haesloop
You can read more about the project here.


fab-u-lous! I think this hits the nail on the head. Happy Weekend!
Sparkie said…
Wow! Sebastopol! I never would have called it. Turnbull, yes, but Sebastopol? I guess I've got to get back up to the Russian River area again of a winter/spring weekend. Thanks, M!
Lana said…
It looks beautiful. I love the windows. I would be fine with no window coverings during the day, but don't like it at night. I have a thing about blinds and curtains being closed when it is dark out and lights are on inside.
cecyj.com said…
Absolutely amazing. I feel calm and relaxed just looking at those photographs. Turnbull Griffin Haesloop did brilliant work on this weekend getaway. Great post!
Cristina said…
what a beautiful retreat! I love it.
How wonderful! I would love to lean on these chairs in the very last picture!

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