pattern genius:danielle kroll

Many years ago , I fiddled around in the world of textile design.  I freelanced for months at a time. I sold some patterns independently. Some of which I still see on occasion and point out to my kids - "Look! I designed that print!" others I see, and think to myself "enh, I got paid." ( think, Vermont Country Store night gown prints and TJ Maxx old lady Nighties ) 


When I was asked to do my very first Croquis for one 'fashion house' I panicked. I had no clue how to make a pattern that, when repeated, created a continuous pattern. Again, this was "many years ago",  and we weren't using Photoshop to "define the pattern". 


Or at least not in the art departments where I worked.  So I turned to amazon and purchased every book I could find on the subject. 

Anyway I figured it out eventually, and have forever had a special place in my heart for textile design.  Sometimes, when I need a bit of inspiration,  I like to stroll through the pages of illustrators who have pages devoted to their beautiful designs.

Among my "textile design" tagged bookmark sites, is Danielle Kroll's.


I love her quirky, vintage inspired patterns. The above being my favorite.

I'd take any of them in a nice Lawn Cotton blouse, a little girl's pinafore or as Wallcovering. They're simply lovely and totally inspiring.You can see more here.


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