A Whitman's sampler of stuff I like to look at + think about.

from the remodelista
Just an idea that I thought was kind of cool. Pot hanger as herb keeper (herb or HERb, if you're Martha) so pretty + probably smells fantastic. 

 My love for old houses runs very deep. I think I may have some kind of house whispering skills. When I'm in certain, soulful houses, I feel their soulful presence on an emotional level. I know, totally weird, but true. I want to drink this book in. And I think all old houses deserve a pictorial like this.

etsy driftwood napkin holder
 Great idea. Nothing more. Just, simple, organic and so clever.
The Curiosity Shoppe -Stamp of disapproval

The stamp made for my own forehead.

Casa Cher by BAK Arquitectos
 I don't know why I'm on this uni-bomber-shack-love kick. I'm just really drawn to these small, modern spaces that are sparse and sit nestled into nature. But, I would need curtains, black windows like this at night, make me feel creepy and vulnerable.

Nick's getting this as a Valentine's gift. (he doesn't read my blog, so I'm not really spilling anything)

Mara Hoffman Hooded Backless Fishtail Gown

ok, GOR-GEOUS.  hooded + backless (how that works, I don't know) + fishtailed. Spanx me up and hand it over.
duh. this is such a better approach to the mundane, criss-cross.

 is all. 


Lisa Porter said…
Pretty darn neat!
Knew it would be.
That's just you.
xo Lisa
Karena said…
Love learning more about you all the time Megan!

Happy Valentines!

Art by Karena
Megan does it bug you that Nick doesn't read your blog?
I'm having a "titch" of a fit (but keeping it to myself) that hubby has not read mine. Not a glance.
Forwarding the boat napkin holder to my Mom for her beach house - so cute!
72 and sunny said…
Linda, no! not at all. none of this, design stuff, would really interest him.

He hates being on the computer and only uses it for emailing (yes, he's one of THOSE) Plus, I can write things he'll never see. I should take more advantage of that actually.

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