The wonderfully weird world of Ibride. ( And, also, I get to use the word, 'phantasmagorical'.)

Years ago I blogged about this collection of trays by Ibride which creates these fantastically phantasmagorical images and applies them to houseware products. I stumbled across some of their newer pieces from the Yuan collection, and was instantly drawn in again. 

The images remind me of a Lewis Carroll Alice In Wonderland world - or those Victorian Fairie (spelled just like that) photos. They're just, wonderfully weird.

 I especially love this collection: 

They come stacked, 8,  in a vase.


 Each plate, if you look closely, bares a little surprise creature.  They're made of Melamine  and are dishwasher safe? Perfect for a little garden party or wouldn't these be beautiful hung on a wall as art? 


Unknown said…
Love these plates, and the presentation in the vase! How cool. great little find.
i like your idea of hanging them on the wall, even outside on the wall in a porch perhaps? Very pretty (and good use of the word!)
Paula Masterman said…
Love the frog - great perspective - these are even more beautiful in person, although I forget where I saw them awhile back...
Love the Fairie plates, too - I got such a sense of peace looking at them this morning.
I wish all my plates came in a vase - what a great display/storage idea.
Thinking of you guys at the beach while I slog through the snow today (and I got to say the word slog)

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