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After a brief emailing back and forth with a friend about something important-ish, and with whom it's easy to fall into ridiculous, quick-volley, email banter - we were tossing around second and third house location choices {you do this, right? The country house in France, the Island house in Tahiti...)

  • Me: no Palm Springs good w/ with renting.
  •  Her: wanna go in on a house in Ojai? Only been there once but liked it. 
  • Me: no, unless it's SF.  I'm not doing anymore California houses.  I  need an NYC flat first. 
  • Her: Already on that. 
  • Me: Neighborhoods? Mine would be West Village or Meat Packing
  •  Her: Of course, that's why we're friends. 

Then, she sends me the link to this Fing fantastic pre-war one bedroom PERFECTION!!! I don't need a lot. I'm going to be spending a month at most there.

and, WHAT'S  going on with that entry wall???? I really want to think it's ages old and not some really bad Trompe L'Oiele relic from the 90s.

I love everything about it. This is all I need. A slice. A sliver.... with personality on top. Holy jezus, built ins? inlayed floors? Transoms? My knees grow weak.

The kitchen is about the same size as my current one, so whatevs on that. I'm still a solid, 'in'. 
 (love the little grocery store roses that keep getting moved from photo to photo. staging at its best.) 

 I don't even need a big bathroom. Who cares? so long as it's clean.


 I've been so, mentally design battered by the newness of So Cal. spaces. Something like this just makes me salivate and want to cry all at once.  This is the part where some NYer chimes in with something to try and dissuade me from my dream. Hey, dream snatcher? Don't do it. I'm totally in love. And I hear NY gets earthquakes these days, so I'll feel right at home.

Here's the link. And if you buy it, please let me come and stay for a night or at least let's sit in the communal back yard, drink a beer and relish in your little pinch of the island.


liza said…
Gorgeous! Go for it.
Here's another I saw this morning (it might not have that killer garden)...

The perfect little place. Love the garden.
Emily said…
ok, it's $575k? And is that $839 a *monthly* maintenance fee? I'd still take it. Holy smokes. Beautiful!
What a fun "game". I could spend a lovely few months there ... in one of my all time favorite cities!

Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com
i am pam said…
i have no big desire to live in NY but I have to say if I were going to change my mind for one minute.....this place would be a fabulous place to live an NY life. the whole building is a piece of art. I looked at the listing and all the links for even more views. Amazing.

thank you for sharing....i did actual day dream!
Anonymous said…
I wouldnt even change the paint. <3
Lana said…
Looks beautiful, but I would also love the home in Ojai. Nice to dream.
Anonymous said…
This place sings to my heart too! Love everything! Even the stairwells are gorgeous! *sigh* A girl can dream...

Anonymous said…
LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog...so much nice inspiration.
I wish you great sunny weekend:)

LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

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