creative monday

I think I was having a 'The Hundred Dresses' moment when I sat down to paint this. Or maybe it  was that I was so inspired by the dreamy dress I posted on Friday that I had to get it down on paper. The photo, itself, looked like a watercolor already. Thanks to tumblr, I have no clue where this originally came from although it does look vintage, doesn't it?

*if you missed Eleanor Estes' book 'The Hundred Dresses' - it's a great read for any age.


Sarah said…
That is gorgeous Megan, I really love it! I love watercolors...;-)
I always love your water colors. They make me smile.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife
Karena said…
Really gorgeous Megan. The book sounds so good!

Art by Karena
Susan Windsor Jones said…
even better than the photograph...
Anonymous said…
I want to frame your watercolor. so pretty! Teri
CamWow said…
So beautiful! I just started my own blog

Please take a peek!

Funny, I also live in a beach bungalow.
CJ said…
Lovely watercolor! Here's the dress:

I found it using by doing a reverse google image search ( and click on the little camera, which lets you search by the image's URL, or upload the image).

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