From the Desks of........

I'm not a snooper of other's stuff. I've never been the girlfriend or wife who rifles through underwear drawers, desks or whatever... to find, relationship contraband. ( And, trust me, there were times that I probably should have )

 But I gotta admit, there are some creatives, that if I were left alone in their offices, I'd totally look at everything on their bookshelves and desks. Isn't the desk sort of window into the mind, coffee rings and all? If this is true, my standing therapy appointments just got doubled.

This weekend, WSJ Magazine is doing a great photo essay showing the home offices of four men of renowned taste. Even thought they've been photo styled by the fabulously talented, Sara Ruffin Costello,  there are some great products that totally reflect each of these individual's taste. And, keep in mind, Father's day is coming up. For that matter, so is Mother's day. Care for a snoop?

above: the Desk of Architectural and Landscape Designer Brian Sawyer

 Textile designer, world traveler and industry super fox, John Robshaw

Interior and Product Designer, Thomas O'Brien

                              Creative Director, shop owner, brand builder - Andrew Spade

Photohgraphy by  Francois Halard


Oh I love to snoop around on other ppls desks, but would not touch! Makes me think, though, I have to go clean my own desk up now...have a great weekend....
Ivy Lane said…
mmm... intersting.. I am drawn to John Robshaw's desk the most..

Happy Weekend!
Karena said…
Megan I know exactly what you mean as I am squinting to see very little item on the desks of these amazing men!

Please come visit to enter the amazing Cross Bottle Giveaway!

Art by Karena
Anonymous said…
I always like to see people's offices and bedroom side tables to get a glimpse of how they live and work.
I'm pretty nosey but in an unobtrusive way if that's possible. : ) Teri
Nothing is better than a organized & stylish desk. Such a reflection of ones self!
OK - so fun! I would swoon to sit at Andy Spades desk hope hope hoping Kate would walk in and we would chat and then go to lunch and shopping then cocktails back at their house of course for dinner.....
O'Brien! I would have picked up that drink just to smell it.
Paula Masterman said…
Love the Ganesha on John Robshaw's desk - Remover of Obstacles - a Hindu Deity we could probably all use now and again at our work spaces. I have one specifically dedicated for writers to help eliminate any possibility of writer's for one to help me remove time obstacles.

Also love all the flags on Andrew's desk...wonder if they represent all the fabulous countries he's visited...

My desk is cluttered with Angel cards, Fairy dust, my animal totems, beads, threads, my favorite scissors, gemstones and more beads, not to mention the unfinished necklaces I've been meaning to finish.
Anonymous said…
Oh I love the way these objects reflect the owners' styles and personalities. There's nothing I wouldn't like on my own desk...well, except the taxidermied parakeet. I could do without that one.

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