I'm afraid to show this to my 11 year old. This is pretty much all she's ever wanted in life - a God's Eye like cocoon/hideout. Is it like, 80 degrees where you are?  It's a freezing Spring,  here in sunny L.A. (read 60°). If it's a nice and fake summer there, enjoy it for me, I'm wearing sweaters and have the heat on.


chanteusevca said…
I'm with your 11-year-old daughter! I want it too! Where can I get it? I an use the excuse that I'm getting it for my grankids to use. My inner teeny bopper has been surfacing a lot lately with a newly decorated surf/island theme guest/grandkids room. Help me! But I love it!

It's been wacky weather here in Texas as usual. During the week 40-60. But in the sunny 80s this weekend! Still, there's no beach or surfer dudes close to me so I would still rather be in your neck of the woods.

~ Victoria in Texas
BestofDesign said…
Loved your peaceout this week! BTW, if you are ready to pay $400 Anthropologie has a fabulous hanging chair which comes in different colors!
Karena said…
Ho cool is this!! It is a warm early spring here in KC although we did have rain all week.

I am featuring an amazing sculptor Megan!

Art by Karena
The 2012 Artist Series
Sisterbrenda said…
Where did you find that chair I really want one.
Anonymous said…
awesome!!! who makes it?
72 and sunny said…
FOUND, using the amazing google reverse image tool. The chair is by designer, Patricia Urquiola and is called the Tropicalia Cocoon. Thank you, commentor, "CJ" .I was clueless about that tool.
What fun. Would love to have this under my covered patio. A glass of sweet iced tea, a good book, and I'd be set. Shiree'
susana said…
this photo have a nice colours!
Cottage David said…
Oh my, If my 5 year old saw this she would bug me night & day until I got her one...and then she would have to fight me for a chance to sit in it!
Sara L said…
I bought a swing chair (hanging egg chair) that is all weather...from frans wicker in NJ. It hangs on my back porch and I swear, I've never heard my kids argue more than now. It is the keen spot to sit, gently rock, read, whatever.
Oh...and we had a warm spell up here, but it was cold again yesterday and today. I'm just glad we were given a free-pass from snow this year!

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