Did a bit of Spring Cleaning on my desktop and thought I'd dump these on to the blog for discussion and viewing.......
Great ikea hack. It's so doable.  And I'm doing it. After months of scouring our local Goodwill for the perfectly sized, not too grungey dresser to re-hab,  I've decided to just go buy a throw-away ikea Malm dresser. Check out the cool and easy facelift you can give it using adhesive overlays.

I  love this desert get away. I can only imagine the views at dusk. I'm sort of concerned about the thing heating up like a terrarium at high noon. 

I'd like to pretend that this pool house is really a diminuitive little cottage with a great lap pool,  in the Cotswolds - far, far from any reality. And that there are no bugs here in the summer - but I think this is in Atlanta.

 I don't really like the electric range, but other than that, I'm totally down with this space. Dinner party anyone?

 Even though the first thing I thought of was the corner table at the  Chart House in Redondo Beach - boy howdy, I'd love to wake up to this most mornings.

 Always and forever a sucker for grass cloth and this one, in Charcoal with the brass touches? The ikat shades? yes.

 .....and speaking of things that never get old.....these windows?

Gorgeous and forever a style icon in my book.  Jenna with the cool house (that I heard she sold) and the cool job. Did you think of her as a smoker? Somehow I never figured that beautiful house smelled like a Howard Johnson.

And having nothing to do with anything except that I need to get this off of my chest (and I like this photo - holy cow THAT is a beard to put any hipster to shame. You could hide all kinds of contraband in there. )  Is it just me or does it bug everyone when the barista at Starbucks (or any other stranger except for a sweet old lady ) uses 'sweetheart', 'hon' or 'dear' to address the customer. I'm told it's just me. Alright my dears. That's it for me on this Wednesday.


sanctuaryhome said…
I totally didn't think of Jenna as a smoker. But now that I think about it, I'm not that surprised. She's in fashion and in New York and super skinny. Not that you have to be a smoker to be any or all of those things.
Being called "honey pie dear heart toots" doesn't usually bother me as long as it isn't said in a derogatory tone.
Megan - Maybe this means we could never be friends (too much alike) ...every photo I loved, & every comment was in my head before I could read your words.
Anonymous said…
Did you just call us all "dears"?
Sara said…
Wow on Jenna L. smoking ciggies. I am surprised...she struck me as fresh and holistic...but she's still pretty rad. She kind of has an Uma thurman thing going for her (back when Uma was young/cool and smoked)

Ugh, I totally agree about the "Sweetheart, honey, darling.."
It's super annoying when strangers do it...and I have a very close friend who is originally from the south, she always calls me honey...and I adore her BUT, I still don't like it. It's only ok from my mom.
Karena said…
ha!! The honey, dear , etc does not bother me from a woman, an older woman,however a man, watch out!!

I didn't think of Jenna smoking, however it does not really surprise me!

Art by Karena
Stephanie said…
No I hate to be calledhon, dear sweetie as we'll. Especially when I am usually old enough to be their mother! Love the bro picture, too funny. I am itching to use overlays, the possibilities are endless.
Anonymous said…
Love the charcoal grass cloth! I much prefer "sweetheart, honey, etc." to hearing someone say, "Hey guys, what can I get you?" when we're a table of women.
Jo said…
Great idea! My desktop is in much need of a good dumping. Love Jenna's "shoe closet" even if it does smell like a truck stop.

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