No only is this film, quiet and beautifully shot/edited, the man behind the idea has inspired me so much. I keep re-reading his words; words that I think most of need to hear from time to time. Plus, it's a great story. Entirely shot for 50 dollars.

If you'd like to read more about Peter and his inspirational thought process, there's a great interview found here.

"... this is my first film. I made it because I love all the different aspects of moviemaking, because I was tired of my fear of failure, and because I wanted to see what would happen if I just finished one." - Peter Lewis


thanks for sharing this! would love to have you enter my giveaway!

Lana said…
Beautiful film. I hope Peter keeps creating, he has talent.
Unknown said…
I was deeply moved by the camera.
Watching it is like watching myself as a teen. I also wandered the beach, the love of my youth, and searched.
I found my first loves, my first kisses and more on the sands of our Texas beach.
I married, had a large family and left my loves behind.
I have returned to the beach and once again found my first love.
Al said…
Loved this post. So inspiring. It definitely makes you want to put your fears to the side and go for it. Whatever "it" may be.
Emily said…
Wow. So beautiful, all of it.
Anonymous said…
Wow, too choked up to speak. The dedication said it all. Well done, well done.
Anonymous said…
Beautifully photographed; lovely story. I hope he keeps making more movies; very talented. And his quote spoke to me as well. Fear of the unknown can keep one from beginning.

Richie Designs said…
yes, love his words. sometimes you just have to jump in and do it even though you're terrified

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