The simple, inflatable gold cube designed by product designer, Martin Azua, is a statement on how we live and how we can simplify to make our lives better. This is his answer to a house that easily fits into one's pocket and can be inflated by body or solar heat,  when needed.

I think I'm needing to remind myself that less is more. For whatever reason, lately, I'm drawn to "simplicity and calm. " Although I don't think Azua meant that we should, literally, all live in a gold poly cube. But I believe that thinking outside of the box was the message.

"Our habitat has turned into a space of consumption in which an unlimited number of products satisfy a series of needs created by complex systems and relations that are difficult to control. Cultures that maintain a more direct interaction with their environment show us that the idea of habitat can be understood in more essential and reasonable terms."


Anonymous said…
I will think about this. it's so true and especially when I'm so immersed in blog world and every blog is an advertisement for yet another doo dad or shoe or lipgloss. It's just a lot of needing, wanting, must have the new and next best thing. It's difficult not to get sucked into it. Don't you think?

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