stylist: Karina Garrick
I've never second guessed the decision I made to cover the newly dry walled walls that came with my house when I bought it.

Photographer: Michael Graydon

The previous owner had just added on the back part of the house in hopes, I am told, to fit a growing 5 person family into the confines of a tiny beach bungalow.
Andrew Grinton

Her style,was not my own, and so once moved in, I went to work ( or, rather,  paid someone to ) transforming the 'Tuscan' influenced space into a relaxed beach cottage room by simply adding a layer of 1 x 4s, and beams painted white.

Photographer: André Rider

Besides adding a layer of personality and depth, I now have little ledges through out the room where I can lean framed prints, next to found shells, next to little hand prints impressed in clay and other relics of the years that have passed since moving in.  It's was the biggest transformation in my house and to this day my favorite room by far. (top photos: Deborah Whitlaw LlewellynBrian Vanden Brink)


Anonymous said…
You did? That was brilliant! Of course there is not way you could have lived with those textured walls (me either). I'm going to have to go through your old posts and look again. Have you taken pics recently?
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Now I want to see your walls again. I love this post!
I have done this to my laundry room (3" vertical v-groove) and when we lofted the kitchen ceiling (8" v-groove pine with rough cedar box beams.

Love the laundry room and will love the kitchen when I finally get it painted/washed/pickled/limed/stained.....

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