Maybe it's the because it's the beginning of the end - of summer. Nature's own technicolor acid trip will soon give away to faded blooms, and everywhere I look I see floral motifs popping up in profusion.

or maybe I just like the way the blog looks with flowers in its hair.

Tile with floral inlay. From Tell el-Amarna, Egypt, c. 1352–36 bce//via Brooklyn Museum, NYC photo: Katie Chao


washed out // via sup magazine

 Holly Farrell's art work really deserves a post of its own. It's nothing short of a feast, in my book of photo realism. Go here to check out more of her gloriousness.

There's always room for a little bit of girly dishes in my cupboards. These bowls are the perfect place to store jewelery, or have your first-thing-in-the-morning bowl of berries. Or how about this plate. The perfect landing pad for a piece of Chocolate cake, or pie. 'Martha' says, pie is the new cupcake. Now just add a gingham napkin and you've rocked the cute richter scale to 6.5. From pip studios.

Agnes Deyn, is undeniably adorable and rocks the platinum pixie like nobody else. But the dress! Oh the stitched up, fitted floral frock. lovely.

Don't throw away those floral denims from Spring just yet. A new crop is out there for fall. These are from Paige Denim (L.) and C.O.H. (R.)  They're skinny, they're faded and they're pretty much sure to punch up any big sweater, worn with some suede boo-tays. Editor's Note: I found mine at Target and LOVE the fit. Plus, they're about $120.00 cheaper than the premium bands. I know. Why.

Love=Love by Kent Rogowski

Looks like just an ordinary puzzle that someone sat at the lake putting together this summer, right? Artist Kent Rogowski has insanely taken pieces from a bunch of puzzle sets, pulled out the floral pieces first, and then reconstructed them into new images. Say what??

"Since manufacturers occasionally use the same die to cut more than one puzzle, I was able to use each piece in its proper position within the grid of the puzzle" 


the first photo reminds me of these little daisy magnets I have that used to be on my grandma's fridge! Except they don't date back to 1352 LOL.
The flora dress is by far, one of my favorites! chic and fun!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger
Jeane M. said…
Yes to florals! Can't get enough of them in this post. Lovely. Got my eye on your next posts.
Sana said…
Ummmm, yes. I am all about these florals!!!
Thanks for sharing some of these great designs. Very inspirational. Great post.
Karena said…
Megan, The artworks are all intriguing! The dress is adorable!

Art by Karena
michele said…
holly farrell is insanely good and so recognizable. i've blogged about her many times and am so glad i stopped by to breathe in this wonderland of lovely you call a blog.

i'll be back. come visit anytime.

hello lovely

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