Be back in a few. Heading East....because that's what all wise Californians do right? - leave the, very mild,  72 degrees for "hot, humid and stick"y. ya! hello NYC in August! Can't wait for my sunglasses to fog as I walk out of over cooled buildings and into the heat.

Seriously, I can't wait. I'm taking my girls to NYC for their first, cognitive, time.  This flick was  taken a few weeks ago as we drove through Yosemite.  I think my kids have gotten wise to my attempts at creating 'arty' family vacation movie.

Oh, and usual, I'll be Instagramming my way through the trip. Follow along with me @beachbungalow8.


Karena said…
Have a great time Megan! You and the hubs make such a good looking couple (of course your sweeties are darling too!

Art by Karena
2012 Artist Series
Have fun!!! i can't wait to see the beautiful pictures
Splendid Market said…
I sure NY will be wonderful, steamy, yet wonderful. I love your video. I'm inspired.
faye said…
can't wait to read about your trip=)

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