I don't know a lot about the shenanigans and such of Fashion Week (other than Jcrew seemed to be a class favorite among the fashion bloggers - with yet another round, of the mis-matched pattern bang (more french sailor stripes! and mix it with a pajama paisley please! and top it all off with your jenna glasses! )  but I have a feeling that Burberry Prorsum, pretty much ruled and schooled.

Carry on.


cecilia said…
I am diggin' those metallics! It's really interesting to think about metallics in the Spring - and the colors are gorgeous. You've peaked my curiosity to see what J.Crew has lined up for Spring 2013 -- their SS12 line was great, but have to say, last week was the first time I walked into a JCrew wasn't too impressed with what was out on the floor. I'm hoping that store was transitioning it's displays. The Jenna glasses in the catalogs is getting a bit tired - like opening up a Restoration Hardware catalog to another sea of belgian linen. It was nice to see navys in the RH book.
Fashion Wrap Up said…
I could not take my eyes off this collection. I am loving the vibrant colors and the metallics. The ombre coats and the accessories were so eye-catching.

Burberry definitely hit it out of the park.

I will be checking out what J. Crew has served up for Spring.

Al said…
Those trenches are everything I live for. Amazing.

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