I was researching one of my favorite, punchy paisley prints ( 'Henry' by Raoul Textiles )

and stumbled across this cheery approach to beach house decorating by Mona Ross Berman. You've gotta love a client who says yes to pattern, color, texture and really good fabrics and wallpapers.

I love the floor, of course, super fun but I love what she did to those ordinary closet doors. The placement of the knobs and the decortive detailing make such a difference.

(below) By using grasscloth only on the inside of this nook, an area that could have been a throw away space, suddenly becomes a room in itself.(again with the detail work on the cabinet doors, such a simple thing to do with a big diff. )

I'm not sure that this shot shows off how cool this room is. From the looks of things, it has a really fun pop art vibe happening. I wish we could see it from another angle. The art, that light fixture all good. That table definitely gives me ideas for a DIY project. Pair it with some different colored, Eames shell chairs and it could be really whacky.

 And I love a good lattice wallpaper and it looks great mixed with that little bit of black with the seat covered in 'Betwixt' (Schumacher)


Curious Details said…
My 30 year old self would have loved this look. Too um..."seasoned" at this point to change it all up...beautiful space.
Karena said…
Really amazingly fun and vibrant.Love it all As you said, would love to see more!

2012 Artists Series
Anonymous said…
Complete eye candy... something to look at everywhere, love the boho beach vibe!

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