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I love the work of London based architect and designer, Ben Pentreath. His eponymous shop is one of my favorites when in town. His aesthetic is right up my alley, piles upon piles of color, texture and intricate design. Every room , draws you in and beckons you to stay awhile, not wanting to miss a single detail.  His little laboratory (let's say that the English way, "la-BORE-atory") is a 19th century Parsonage in Dorset, England. I've never been to this part of the country but it looks like an absolutely charming coastal town. He uses the property as a place to try things out but keeping it "simple" ( his word, which I think is sort of funny, as his work feels far from simple to me.) Oh, and his blog shows some beautiful, recent, shots of the grounds. Sigh, I love England.

layers, layers, flat weave rugs atop sisal, pattern on pattern, and that monogram! love a monogram.

   I love how he styled this photo.

I want this office!!!

 And this kitchen with it's butternut squash colored walls.


more layers, I love the ikat lampshades with the chinese urn lamp bases. 



Lisa Porter said…
I can't really put my finger on WHY I love his place but I do, a lot! Thanks for posting Megan.
XO Lisa

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